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Want A New Mazda MX-5? Better Opt For The More Powerful Engine

Test Drive

That means an additional 20 horsepower or so.

Initial impressions of the all-new Mazda MX-5 are now coming in and, by all accounts, it’s a winner. In fact, it’s the smallest MX-5 ever. So if you thought the outgoing third-gen model was too tiny, well, this may not be the car for you. However, judging by this initial test drive from the crew at Autocar, those of you who are interested in buying the new MX-5 really ought to consider the bigger, more powerful engine. Fortunately, the sole engine offering in the US will be the 2.0-liter four-cylinder producing a total of 155 hp.

In other markets, however, a smaller 1.5-liter unit with around 130 hp comes standard. Mazda claims the base offering, with that engine paired to a six-speed manual, is the purest MX-5 you’ll be able to buy.

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