Want Proof That China Loves America And Cars? Just Look At "Furious 7"

This movie is the gold mine that just keeps on giving.

Perhaps it’s the memory of the late Paul Walker that brought audiences en masse to see "Furious 7." Maybe it’s just the cars alone, but it’s likely a combination of both. As we’ve already reported, "Furious 7" has become the fastest movie to $1 billion ever. And now we’ve learned that it’s become insanely popular overseas, specifically in China. But it’s just not any movie now playing in China. No, "Furious 7" is now officially China’s biggest movie ever, bringing in so far $323 million.

It’s just broken the $319 million record previously set by "Transformers: Age of Extinction." But get this: "Furious 7" has made more money in China than in the US, which has so far raked in $320 million. Just last weekend alone it brought in an additional $17.8 million. The worldwide box office total is now over $1.32 billion. No wonder why the studio has already announced that Furious 8 is in the works.

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