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Want to See America in Luxury? Drive an Audi A8 Diesel

It really is the ideal car to see some of the most useless roadside attractions in the US.

It’s big, has serious presence, and without question has one of the best interiors ever built. The Audi A8 has rightly earned its reputation for being at the top of the list for those tired of driving a Mercedes S-Class. But out of the main German luxury car builders, Audi is the one that really took diesel seriously in the US. OK, yes, there’s Mercedes’ BlueTec diesel lineup, but Americans have never really been all that receptive to it.

They still have bad memories of Mercedes cars blowing black and smelly diesel smoke back in the early 1980s. Today’s clean diesels are drastically improved, and offer brilliant range. Matt Farah and crew recently undertook a one-day trek to see as many useless roadside attractions as possible. At least they went in absolute comfort.

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