Want To Support American Workers? Buy A Toyota Corolla

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Toyota continues to add jobs in America.

When it comes to rhetoric surrounding the auto industry, President Trump has made it clear - foreign automakers are "very bad." It is a common misconception to believe all foreign automakers build their cars in their country of origin. However, plenty of foreign automakers, including BMW, Mercedes, Honda, Toyota, Volkswagen, and many others build cars in the United States. In fact, Nick Carey of Reuters reports Toyota will be making a huge investment of $170 million in its Mississippi plant, creating a bunch of US jobs in the process.

Much of the $170 million investment will go towards building the next generation Corolla sedan. Toyota has already shown off the next generation Corolla hatchback, but the sedan version has yet to be unveiled. Toyota says the investment will allow the Mississippi plant "to produce advanced vehicles more efficiently and better adapt to changing market needs.” This move will be part of Toyota's $10 billion investment in its US manufacturing operations over the next five years. Along with the facility improvements, Toyota will add 400 jobs over the next 12 months at the Mississippi plant. This should make President Trump very happy.

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Meanwhile, the American automakers - General Motors, Ford, and FCA - have all announced plans to move production of certain models to Mexico. Supporting an American company is all well and good, but supporting the American workers and their families is also important.