Want Your Kids To Hate You? Chevy's Got An App For That

Also, you bought a Malibu.

The 2016 Chevy Malibu is set to debut soon at the New York Auto Show, and while this isn't a model that will attract a lot of attention from the press, there is one feature that was announced ahead of the show which caught our attention. It's called Teen Driver, and it's a fantastic way to let your kid know that you don't trust them for even a second. The system will allow parents to monitor their teenager's behavior behind the wheel in detail, down to when and if the ABS or stability control kicked in.

Of course, most of this is about speeding, and the car won't just snitch on speeders, but parents can set in-car alarms to off should the car reach a certain speed. The system can even keep the stereo system volume from being turned up beyond a programmable limit, or mute it entirely. It will also put password protection on the ability to switch traction control off, so that tech-savvy teens won't be able to circumvent the system. Chevy is pitching this as a teaching tool, but might we suggest that if you distrust your kid that much, just don't lend them the car. They'll resent you for it, but then they'll definitely resent this too. Come to think of it, they are teenagers, they resent everything.

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