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Wanted In Australia: A Muscle Car Challenger To The Ford Mustang

Chevy or Dodge, you reading this?

The all-new Ford Mustang is currently making its way to anxious owners across the globe, but not every country has enough muscle car competition. Take Australia, for example. Now that local Holden production is ending and there are no immediate plans to bring the 2016 Chevrolet Camaro Down Under just yet, the muscle car segment is about to be owned by the Mustang, and Ford isn’t too happy about that, from a non-sales point of view. No, this is about enthusiast competition.

Speaking to CarAdvice, Ford Australia communications chief, Wes Sherwood, stated: "You have at the core of sports cars in general, and Mustang specifically, enthusiasts. And what do enthusiasts like to do? They like to have a car that’s better than other enthusiasts...having that competitive spirit is important." The bottom line is that Australia is in need of another American muscle car to keep that competitive spirit going; it’s a part of muscle car culture. Fortunately, just last week a Fiat Chrysler official hinted that both the Challenger and Charger are strongly being considered for Australia.

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