Wanxiang Says it will Build all Fisker Concepts

In other news, if you currently own a Fisker – you’re screwed.

Following the news of the purchase of bankrupt manufacturer, Fisker, its new owner – Chinese giant Wanxiang – has goodnews for all brand enthusiasts: the company says fans can “trulybelieve” that it will send all previous Fisker concepts into productionalongside the existing Karma. For those who were previously mourning the awesome automaker,this means that the Surf wagon, Sunset convertible and Atlantic compact sedanwill all appear at some point.

However, the good news for fans doesn’t extend to currentowners of previously-made Fisker cars. Wanxiang is putting a very limitedwarranty-claim submission cap on these $100,000-plus cars, saying it will onlyaccept claims up to $2,000. It also isn’t saying whether or how it plans tomanufacture parts or offer service for the existing examples. “We understand ifyou are an owner and paid good money for your vehicle, $2000 is not what youbargained for or expected,” company officials said. That must be comforting.

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