Ward's Auto Names 2012's 10 Best Interiors

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Ward's has released their list of the best automotive interiors for 2012. The winners may surprise you.

Ward's AutoWorld has just released their best in the business list for the 2012 production year. The '10 Best Interiors' list features a few surprises and new models while only three luxury brands make the cut. To compile the list, Ward's differentiated the models by segment and named a winner for each category. The vehicles were then driven over the course of a two-month period and awarded points for material selection, design, fit-and-finish, driver information, ergonomics, safety, value and comfort.


"We saw a tremendously diverse group of interiors this year, and it's obvious to us that auto makers are pushing their design staffs harder than ever for interiors that are beautifully appointed, well-equipped and extremely comfortable," said Ward's Editor-in-Chief Drew Winter. The winners were listed alphabetically with accompanying price tag for trim driven. They are the Audi A7 ($67,430), Chevrolet Sonic ($18,745), Chrysler 300 Luxury ($44,855), Dodge Dart ($21,485), Hyundai Accent ($15,925), Hyundai Azera ($36,875), Infiniti JX35 ($54,800), Mazda CX-5 ($30,415), Range Rover Evoque ($49,745) and the Volkswagen Beetle ($25,195).

What you might find most surprising about the list aside from a pair of Hyundais is that there are only three luxury models on the list. They are the Audi A7, Infiniti JX35 and the award-winning Range Rover Evoque. Winter finished, saying "There are too many great interiors in the market for any auto maker to think it can stand pat with its current interior offerings and remain successful. Based on some of the vehicles we have seen at recent auto shows, we can tell the competition among interiors will be fierce in the next few years."

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