Warhammer Pulverizes a Nissan Micra

Total destruction takes place today on the Slingshot Channel.

Joerg Sprave's Slingshot Channel is one of the most entertaining YouTube series out there. The German visionary of destruction has enlisted the help of David from Norway to destroy a Nissan Micra with a 100-lb Warhammer known as "Mjolnir," or the Thor Hammer. Sprave notes that the Warhammer is eight times heavier than the standard hammer, and you can tell how heavy it is by the difficulty he has swinging it. After a few goes with the Mjolnir, he delves into his array of slingshots and crossbows to finish off the Nissan Micra.

Our favorites include the "Moorhammer" slingshot and the awesome Assegai launcher, which looks especially good in super slow-motion. Check out the complete destruction of the Micra in the video below.

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