WARNING: Don't Fill Plastic Bags With Gasoline

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The government reminds people not to be dumb.

A few weeks ago, we reported on how gas stations could soon run out of gas due to a shortage of qualified truck drivers. Since then there's been a ransomware attack on the Colonial Pipeline, and this has resulted in, not a shortage of gasoline per se, but a shortage of delivery options to get the fuel where it's going.

As a result, people have been panic buying, causing gas stations to run dry after just a few hours when their stock was vast enough to last weeks under normal circumstances. The government has urged citizens to calm down and stop, but worse still, it has had to remind people of basic safety protocols for storing the liquid gold.


The above tweet highlights that a worrying trend is resurfacing: people are filling plastic bags with gas, dumping them in the trunk, and then leaving. This is obviously unsafe for many reasons, among which is the potential for these grocery bags, many of which are made from polyethylenes, to improperly ground any static buildup.

As a result, something that seems just silly could actually be dangerous, as a spark could cause a serious and uncontrollable explosion. Fortunately, most people who are trying to guarantee their personal gasoline supply are hoarding the fuel in jerry cans, but even that is causing problems.


As we mentioned at the outset, there's plenty of gas to go around. The problem isn't supply, it's transportation. But this should be resolved by the end of the week, according to Colonial Pipeline. Hoarding is simply inconsiderate and is causing more people to be turned away from gas stations than would otherwise be the case if everyone had a sharing mentality.

Of course, these hoarders will likely soon learn that their actions were unnecessary, but in the meantime, your Challenger SRT Super Stock should probably remain parked. Cue the EV fans in the comments telling us how they don't have this problem.

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