WARNING: Never Rest Your Feet On The Dashboard Of A Car

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Don't believe us? Read this woman's story.

Georgia resident Audra Tatum had a regular habit of leaning back and resting her feet on the Ford Fusion's dashboard while sitting in the front passenger seat. Her husband constantly told her it was a bad habit. He was afraid of what would happen if there was a car accident. Tatum ignorantly told him she'd manage to get her foot down in time. "You're going to get in a wreck someday, and you're going to break your legs," he told her. Sound familiar to anyone?

Most of us know someone who shares Tatum's habit, and now she wants people to listen to her story, which was first reported by CBS News. Exactly two years ago, she and her husband were driving a short distance from their home to pick up their two sons when a car suddenly pulled out in front of them and they T-boned him.

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Tatum's husband and the other driver walked away with minor bruises. She, on the other hand, was seriously hurt. "The airbag went off, throwing my foot up and breaking my nose," Tatum told CBS News. "I was looking at the bottom of my foot facing up at me." Obviously, she didn't get her feet down in time. As a result, her angle, femur and arm were all broken. "Basically my whole right side was broken, and it's simply because of my ignorance." She required several surgeries and wasn't able to walk for a month. Even today Tatum can only stand for no more than 4 hours at a time, making her job as an EMS almost impossible.

What many people may not know is that airbags deploy at 100 to 200 mph, so imagine that with your legs placed directly in front. "If you ride with your feet on the dash and you're involved in an accident, the airbag may send your knees through your eye sockets," according to the Chattanooga Fire Department. It sounds painful to even write. But Tatum was actually lucky her car had front passenger airbags at all because if it didn't, the resulting injuries could easily have been worse.

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