Warren Buffet Buys Himself a New Cadillac


Sends daughter to anonymously make the purchase.

Up until just a few days ago, billionaire investor Warren Buffett drove a 2006 Cadillac DTS, a remnant left over from the "old GM." Coincidentally, Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway happens to own GM shares that are worth over $600 million. It makes sense then, that Buffett would want to continue driving a GM product. However, when the time came to make a purchase, he didn't go to his local Cadillac dealership in Omaha, Nebraska.

Instead, his daughter Susie stopped by Hubert Cadillac to inquire about a new CTS coupe for her father. The saleswoman, 23-year-old Madison Wellers, answered all of Susie's questions and concluded that her father would be much happier in an XTS. Susie agreed and asked for Wellers' business card. But Wellers was unaware that Susie was, in fact, Susie Buffett. She just assumed Susie was a "secret shopper" sent in to test her product knowledge. Then Susie returned a few days later, revealed her true identity, and bought the XTS. Warren Buffett requested that Madison deliver the car to him personally. She did, and even brought him a Cadillac baseball hat.

Source Credits: fastlane.gm.com

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