Was Cancer To Blame For Clarkson Assaulting A Producer?


That plus a bunch of other crappy stuff, apparently.

Jeremy Clarkson recently opened up about his firing and future plans in a column written for The Sunday Times. The disgraced presenter has been quiet since he was fired from the BBC's hit show, but his new column gives insight into both his future plans and what state of mind he was in when he punched "Top Gear" producer Oisin Tymon. He also copped to being bored, which is what Richard Hammond and James May seem to be as well.

The most telling revelation was that a week before the assault, a doctor told Clarkson that a lump on his tongue might be cancerous. The host couldn't leave to check it out due to filming, saying "Top Gear always came first." He also cited the death of his mother and a crumbling marriage as adding to his upped stress level. As many have speculated, Clarkson plans to return to TV. "I have lost my baby but I shall create another. I don't know who the other parent will be or what the baby will be like, but I cannot sit around any more organising my photograph albums." Whether or not this baby will feature Hammond and May remains to be seen.

Source Credits: www.theweek.co.uk

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