Was Carroll Shelby Working On A Secret Project Before He Died?

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"Next year Ferrari's ass is mine."

Ford started 2015 off with a bang: the reveal of its all-new GT at Detroit. Not only will it reach production as a road car (in very limited numbers, obviously) but a racing version is rumored to be in development to compete in Le Mans next year. That's all wonderful news, and now we've heard a rumor that made us just as excited. According to The Truth About Cars, Camilo Pardo, the designer who penned the 2005 Ford GT, claims that before Carrol Shelby died in 2012, the pair began working on a new car that would have been a convertible.

If anyone knows anything about Shelby the man, they'll think of one car right off the bat: the Cobra. Now, back in 2004 Ford revealed the retro-styled Shelby Cobra Concept (pictured here). It had all the hallmarks of what a Cobra should have: lightweight, no roof, no side glass, and no radio. It weighed about 3,000 lbs. and was about as long as a Mazda MX-5. Obviously it never reached production, but Shelby apparently never gave up on the idea. Now that he's gone, Pardo, who left Ford in 2009, recently told an audience at the Auto Moto Film Festival in Detroit that while car enthusiasts obviously know the six Shelby Daytona Coupes, "everyone knows the Cobra."

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Is he implying that he's continuing work on the project he and Shelby started? Pardo still has ties with Ford, thus giving him potential direct access to its engineering teams and parts bin. How awesome would it be if a new Cobra debuted alongside the Le Mans-ready 2017 GT? Let's hope Ford and Pardo feel the same.

Source Credits: www.thetruthaboutcars.com

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