Was It A James Bond Villain Or Vauxhall Astra That Did This DB5 In?

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What did Goldfinger drive again?

It always hurts to see a classic and historically significant car in such rough shape. This Aston Martin DB5 was wrecked in Manchester, England, after a crash with a Vauxhall Astra. For those who hate movies, the DB5 is one of the most iconic James Bond cars around. It first appeared in 1964's "Goldfinger" and was most recently seen in "Skyfall," which came out in 2012. Being such an iconic car means that when one crashes, folks are bound to take notice, especially when said crash takes place in England.

Inside the DB5 was a man and his four-year-old son. According to the Manchester Evening News it's believed their injuries are not life-threatening. Of course, the life of this DB5 is over, with police unable to discern as of yet who was at fault. We've included photos of the DB5 in happier times here, as well as the crash photos. Crash photos courtesy of Jon Baxter and the Manchester Evening News.

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