Was Jaguar's Supercar Fighter Just Caught Out On The Nurburgring?

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Hopefully it looks as lovely as it sounds.

Currently what we don't know about the Jaguar F-Type SVR far outweighs what we do. Will its engine drop 600 (or more) horsepower or fall somewhere between 550 and 600? Will it look like the F-Type Project 7 concept or will it be a bit tamer? We could spend all day asking these questions, but we'd rather watch this clip of a camouflaged F-Type SVR tearing up the Nurburgring. The Jag sounds simply incredible and even in its camo you can see what looks to be the Project 7's wing along with its quad exhaust tips.

Automakers do some nutty stuff with camo which means there's a good chance that what you see here won't be what you get. Regardless, it's the sounds that are most important and the F-Type SVR is certainly a treat.


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