Was Knockout Gas Used To Rob F1 Driver And Rumored Top Gear Co-host Jenson Button?

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It's such a crazy store it must be true.

Formula One driver and Lada enthusiast Jenson Button is in the news once again. No, it's not for a racing victory or because he's a rumored co-host of the new iteration of "Top Gear." Button and his wife Michibata were staying at a rented villa in St. Tropez, France, with friends when they were robbed by two men in the night. Now that right there is awful but not entirely odd. What makes the story strange is that the F1 driver's camp is claiming knockout gas may have been used in the burglary.

The thieves made off with about $465,000 worth of items, including Michibata's engagement ring. That's a lot of stuff to steal during the night without waking anyone up, which makes it seem as if knockout gas could have been used. The BBC investigated these claims, talking to security experts who say that it's unlikely any chemical agent was used. Apparently you'd need a crap ton of the stuff to put people to sleep and it's damn expensive. The claim came about after Button's driver fell ill the day after the robbery, and blood samples were taken from the group. No word on what new "Top Gear" host Chris Evans thinks of all this.

Source Credits: www.bbc.com

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