Was Scott Disick Just Caught Cheating On His Old Bugatti?


Rumors are swirling.

The rumors must be true because pictures speak louder than words. No stranger to being a topic of controversy in the tabloids, party boy Scott Disick looks like he's up to no good again. Mr. Disick recently made hypercar headlines when news broke that he and his beloved Bugatti Veyron were breaking up and parting ways. Scott recently put his former love up for sale at his dealership, Calabasas Luxury Motor Cars, for a staggering sum of $1.1 million.

Rumors that Scott had found new supercar love began swirling following the Bugatti listing and it now appears as if those rumors can be verified. Mr. Disick was recently photographed out in the open, cruising with a hot topless Ferrari 458 Spider in Malibu, Califorina. Whether or not this is really Scott's new love or if it's just a quick supercar fling cannot be confirmed. However, after seeing Mr. Disick's former ride, we think that he could probably do better.

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