Was The Dodge Dart A Total Failure?


Could more have been done to save it?

The Dodge Dart's life is about to end. We don't expect to see it return for next year. Fiat Chrysler, who'll also kill off the Chrysler 200 in the near future, will now focus more on Ram trucks and Jeep SUVs in order to remain profitable. We never thought the Dart was a bad car, but was simply underdeveloped, one of the main topics of our latest unboxing review. But the Dart does have a number of nice things prospective buyers should be aware of. For starters, it's big inside. It may be considered a compact sedan but its interior space is nearly the same as many mid-size sedans. Styling?

We happen to really like its looks inside and out, especially that wicked cool LED taillight design that's very similar to what's found on the Charger and Challenger. So what's wrong with the Dart? Why didn't it manage to sell the way FCA had hoped for?

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Simple. The engine and transmission choices. Our car was powered by a 2.4-liter four-cylinder paired to a six-speed automatic. This is the combo we'd opt for instead of the base engine or the optional turbo four that's mated to a clunky dual-clutch transmission. And because the Dart is checking out soon, perhaps now is the best time to buy one for anyone looking for a killer deal. Special thanks to Folsom Lake Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram for letting us film the car.

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