Was The Hellcat-Powered Jeep Just Caught Out Testing?

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It looks that way to us.

It seems like forever since Jeep CEO Mike Manley confirmed that the automaker was dropping the Hellcat engine into the Grand Cherokee. Of course those comments weren't made forever ago but at the 2016 Detroit Auto Show earlier in the year. Since then it's been mostly quiet on the Trackhawk, the rumored name of the SUV, front. But now we have this, a spy video that apparently shows the Trackhawk out testing on public roads. The Grand Cherokee seen in this video is lightly camouflaged, but its looks are not what gave it away.

Can you hear that whine? Does it sound at all like a supercharger? Turn up the volume if you're having trouble hearing it.

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In addition to hearing what very may well be a supercharger, the narrator of this video says that he can see Brembo brakes and a roll cage as well. It's highly unlikely that a roll cage would make the production version but we do like the idea of Jeep outfitting prototype Trackhawks with one. Unfortunately the driver behind the wheel of the mystery Jeep doesn't exactly open up the throttle, meaning we don't get to hear the engine roar at full blast. Glass half full: At least we've finally seen the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk out in the wild. More spy photos and videos should start pouring out now that the first crack in the levee has appeared.

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