Was the S2000 the Greatest Honda Ever?

Of course there was the NSX, but the S2000 exemplified greatness in its own unique way.

It takes an awful lot for a specific car to make a lasting impression well after its production run. Of course there are plenty of examples, but one of them, the Honda S2000, was something of an anomaly. With the knowledge it gained after years in motorsport along with its own genius engineering, Honda created a roadster that wasn’t just only a pure pleasure to drive, but one that was also amazingly affordable considering how pure of sports car it really was.

While many would have been happy with a Mazda MX-5, the S2000 was for those who had a heavier foot, and a more aggressive way of driving. Whether or not they had the cash for something more expensive wasn’t the point; the S2000 more than satisfied a gearhead’s appetite. To fully enjoy it you had to have good driving skills. But just after two generations, Honda dropped the car without an immediate replacement. Yet it’s hard to imagine whether, in this day and age of hybrids and what not, Honda could surpass its past S2000 success. We wholeheartedly dare it to try.

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