Was This Huracan Torched Because Its Owner Was Going To Take Down Confederate Monuments?


Screw whoever did this.

The controversy over the removal of symbols of the Confederacy has slowly found its way into the car world. First it was the General Lee and its loud and proud Confederate flag and now comes this story from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. David Mahler, owner of H&O Investments, had won a contract from the city of New Orleans to remove four Confederate monuments from the city. He backed out of the deal after receiving death threats from unknown sources.

Even after giving up the contract Mahler still found himself a target of the criminals when his Lamborghini Huracan was set ablaze. This report from WDSU New Orleans has more info on the story as well as reactions from local politicians.

The Huracan was charred beyond recognition which sucks from a gearhead point of view and must be terrifying from a personal standpoint. Here's hoping police are all over this and find the culprits. Clinging to outdated beliefs is one thing, but making death threats and destroying property are outrageous crimes that demand punishment. It sounds like Mahler really loved his ride, having dubbed it "Psycho Hurricane" before wrapping it and renaming it the "White Widow." Fortunately, it seems as if reinforcements are on the way to the contractor's company parking lot. According to a Facebook post from Cars & Coffee Biloxi, Mahler has a 2017 Ford GT on order.

Source Credits: www.nydailynews.com

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