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Build your very own supercar slayer!

Chevrolet has finally released more detailed pricing for its newest uber Corvette and launched an online configurator for it, too. At $119,995, the 2019 Corvette ZR1 Coupe is the most expensive Corvette ever built and also earns the distinction of being the most expensive new Chevrolet model by a wide margin. Opting for the topless version bumps its price to $123,995. The 8-speed automatic will set you back a further $1,725.

Chevrolet will offer two trims: the "stripped" out 1ZR and the far more luxurious 3ZR. Chevy's copywriters positioned the 1ZR as "the ZR1 for Corvette purists who want the lightest car available." But don't worry, Chevrolet will still fit it with carbon-ceramic brakes and a nine-speaker Bose audio system, so you can listen to Whitesnake while running hot laps. Unfortunately, navigation is optional, but Apple CarPlay is included. Android Auto, however, is not. On coupe models, ticking the 3ZR box kicks the price up to $129,995 and adds embossed heated and ventilated seats, a leather-wrapped and color-keyed interior, unique emblems, an extra speaker, and a Performance Data Recorder.

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The package alone is worth it for the Front Curb View cameras that will probably help keep the ZR1's gargantuan front splitter from getting mangled in the McDonald's drive-thru. From the get-go, Chevrolet billed the 2019 Corvette ZR1 as the most track-capable Corvette ever-to the point where it made the Ford GT cry at Virginia International Raceway. The brand has reinforced that claim by making the hardcore ZTK performance pack a $2,995 option available on either trim level, adding a sky-scraping adjustable rear wing, stickier Michelin rubber, and recalibrated Magnetic Ride Control suspension settings. More track appropriate bucket seats are also available for $1,995.

On the visual front, there are three available premium paint choices: Corvette Racing Yellow, Red Metallic, and Sebring Orange Tincoat. Free options include Admiral Blue, Arctic White, and the ever popular Black. Lastly, directional five-spoke aluminum wheels are offered in four finishes: Pearl Nickel as standard, or Carbon Flash, Satin Graphite, and chrome plated as options that escalate in price. Blue or Yellow painted calipers are also available. There's even the option to lend a hand in building your ZR1's 755-hp supercharged LT5 V8 at the Performance Build Center at the Corvette Assembly Plant in Bowling Green, Kentucky, should you be the blue-collar track hero that likes to get his or her hands dirty.


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