Watch 10 Minutes Of Cocky Idiots Nearly Crashing At The Nurburgring

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Nothing like an end of year fail compilation.

Here's the thing about the Nurburgring: anyone with 30 euros and a car can enter. The most arduous and rewarding track in the world is also, essentially, a toll road. Only in Germany. Because of this low cost of entry, things are going to go wrong. Often. Even professional drivers testing prototypes for automakers aren't immune to the Green Hell, and they know it. But there are far too many non-professionals who aren't. They think they're hot stuff. Listen here: just because you drive a modified what have you doesn't improve your driving skills.

They have nothing to do with one another. Ah heck, let's just watch these guys nearly crash and embarrass themselves anyway. EMS Nordschleife TV has compiled an end of year video featuring nothing but near crashes and other related acts of Nurburgring foolishness.

Don't get us wrong though. We applaud and even encourage gearheads everywhere to make a pit stop one day at the Nurburgring. It really ought to be on your bucket list, and we're saying this from experience. But the Nurburgring demands your respect. There are consequences for when that respect isn't given. All of the drivers in this video are damn lucky they didn't hurt or even kill themselves, let alone other drivers. Even their cars managed to come out in one piece. Well, at least this time.

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