Watch 18,000-HP Worth Of Koenigseggs Gather In Epic Road Tour


19 cars invaded the streets of Sweden in the biggest Koenigsegg gathering ever.

Koenigsegg makes some of the rarest and most extreme hypercars on the planet, so seeing owners travel across the world coming together to meet at the same place and invade the streets of Sweden with a convoy of Koenigseggs is a truly spectacular sight. Following last year’s inaugural ‘Koenigsegg Owners Tour’, as many as 19 hypercars gathered to embark on an epic road trip across Sweden back in July. Compared to last year’s event which had 15 cars, that’s over 18,000-hp worth of hypercars in the largest Koenigsegg gathering ever.

A new video uploaded by Koenigsegg documents the epic road trip tour and introduces us to Stephan, the first ever customer to place a deposit on a Koenigsegg back in 2001 eight years after the company was established in 1994. Today, he remains the proud owner of the same orange Koenigsegg CCR he had delivered in 2002.

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The tour started on scenic roads in Southern Sweden allowing owners to take in the sights at a leisurely pace, before making a detour at the Ring Knutstorp race track in Kagerod to unleash the hypercar’s potential. Just about every significant model in Koenigsegg’s history features in the multi-million dollar car convoy, including several CCRs and Ageras, a One:1, and of course the $1.9 million Regera showcasing Koenigsegg’s newly developed aero package we’ve seen featured in several in-house renders. You have to be privileged to own a Koenigsegg, as these hypercars are produced in extremely limited numbers.

Only 80 examples of the automaker’s most recent hypercar, the 1,500-hp Regera, are being planned for production. Only 25 models are being built this year which means the current waiting list is four years. That’s still an improvement on the 16 - 20 hypercars the manufacturer has been cranking out in previous years, and the Swedish automaker aims to increase the production rate to 30 next year.