WATCH: 3-Year-Old Toddler Hits The Track In 986-Horsepower Ferrari SF90 Stradale

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Three-year-old Zayn Sofuoglu drives better than many adults ever could.

For many, driving a supercar is a dream. But it's very much a reality for one three-year-old in Turkey, who has left people amazed with his incredible driving talents.

And we mean his driving talents. First reported by The Drive, Little Zayn Sofuoglu has caused a stir on his Instagram page, where he demonstrates his keen abilities to his one million followers. The latest video shows the toddler expertly piloting a Ferrari SF90 Stradale around a racetrack, steering the 986-horsepower car around corners, accelerating, braking, and even using the gearshift paddles.

This isn't a one-off publicity stunt. Zayn's father is Kenan Sofuoglu, a Turkish motorcycle racer turned politician who often films his son's automotive exploits.

While there's an overwhelming amount of positivity and support in the comments, many have weighed in on the matter and consider the practice reckless and irresponsible.


It's not hard to see why people are outraged. A car - let alone a high-powered Ferrari - is not designed for a toddler to throw around a racetrack. While Zayn demonstrates an understanding of car control, anything can go wrong. Watching the video, you'll notice the three-year-old uses a booster seat that's been modified with a mechanism that enables him to reach the pedals.

Then again, he's not your average little guy. With a professional racer as a dad, Zayn has had plenty of practice behind the wheel of go-karts, compact ATVs, and even a Mercedes EQS Sedan.

All the stunts on his popular social media channel appear to have been carried out on an enclosed raceway with the proper protective gear, showing that his dad has a semblance of responsibility. After all, none of this happened on public roads. We're also positive that Zayn has been taught to be obedient and follow his parents' instructions when driving their cars, and the below clip shows how much car control he has garnered in other, arguably less dangerous vehicles.


Does that make it any better? We're not sure. Questionable parenting aside, it is quite extraordinary to see Zayn pull off this impressive feat. We certainly see a promising motorsport career in his future, but for now, perhaps he should stick to go-karts. Maybe a ride-on toy version of the McLaren Senna would be a better bet for now.

It's not unheard of to see motorsport stars nurture the talents of their offspring. The late Ken Block and his daughter, Lia, are perhaps the best-known American example of this. Like her dad, the teenager has a knack for precision driving and even participates in rallies from time to time. The rallying legend also taught his daughter how to drift her Mustang Fox body convertible, a memory she will treasure forever.

Now we open it up to you. Is Zayn's father teaching him skills that he should pick up as early as possible, and are naysayers just jealous, or is this gross irresponsibility that should be stopped in its tracks? Discuss.

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