Drag Race

Watch 7 Supercars Race To 200mph

Many attempted the run, even those which obviously wouldn't make it.

The event you’re seeing here is the Quicksilver Exhausts Vmax 200 where a lot of cars made top speed runs down a runway. But as the name “Vmax 200” suggests, we’re only interested in the cars that managed to hit 200 mph. Those cars are the 9 Excellence 9EXX, the RUF CTR3, the Ultima 1000, the Ferrari F12, the 997 Turbo, the Mirage GT and the Lamborghini Aventador. And even if we didn’t mention them specifically, there were some other excellent cars as well.

Most of the cars that made it past the 200mph barrier only just barely did so, but the one exception was the 9EXX, which hit 229 mph.

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