Watch $83 Million Worth Of Aston Martins Burn Rubber

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Trust us, this glorious gathering of Aston Martins is the best video you'll watch today.

Last week, Aston Martin posted a mysterious teaser video featuring the vicious Vulcan track car burning rubber at the new St Athan factory based in Wales where production of the upcoming DBX crossover will take place. Well, the mystery has now been solved. Sadly, it turns out Aston Martin wasn't teasing a road-legal version of the Vulcan (we can still dream), but a special "housewarming" video to mark development of the new factory in the only way it can – a glorious gathering of cars spanning Aston Martin's 104 year history.

28 Aston Martins with a combined value of 65 million GBP ($83 million) get taken for a spin in the video by World Endurance Championship drivers Darren Turner and Nicki Thiim, as well as the company's chief engineer Matt Becker, featuring everything from iconic classics such as the DB5 and V8 Vantage, to contemporary sports cars like the DB11 and Rapide S.

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Even the compact Cygnet, the black sheep of the Aston Martin family, makes an appearance, only to be humiliated by a Vulcan and One-77 literally running rings around it. We of course also get a glimpse into the future of the automaker, as the Valkyrie and DBX crossover make brief cameos. It's a joy to watch the Astons get given a serious workout, sliding around the hanger and marking the pristine factory floor with a trail of tire treads – much to the dismay of CEO Andy Palmer. Production of the new St Athan plant is currently underway, allowing Aston Martin to build an extra 7,000 cars a year, thus doubling the automaker's production capacity on its way to release seven new models in the next seven years.

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