Watch A 1,500 Horsepower Viper Eat Up The Half-Mile At 200 MPH

This might be the fastest Viper in the world.

The Dodge Viper is already a fast car with an 8.4-liter 640 hp V10. However, this owner thought that wasn't enough and added two turbochargers taking output to an insane 1,250 hp. And that's on pump gas. If you put in high octane fuel, power is increased to 1,500 ponies. With RWD and a simple six-speed manual transmission, putting this much power down can't be easy. Still, this owner wants to prove that his car is the fastest fifth-generation Dodge Viper on a half-mile drag strip.

At the half-mile shootout in Clayton, Georgia, this Viper owner attempts to take his 1,500 car up to 200 mph. Hitting this speed with just a half-mile runway should now be an easy task. Is the Viper up to the challenge?

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