Watch A 1000-HP Supercharged F-100 Destroy Its Rear Tires

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Old school and cool.

If you've been to pretty much any car meet, you'll have come across a classic car like this at some point. Some choose to maintain an all-original patina finish, others do ground-up restorations, and then there's another category. The third category is for people who buck convention and build something ridiculous out of what was a normal workhorse half a century ago, like the Ford F-150 is now.

This Ford F-100 we see here belongs to someone in that last category. Engine swaps are not uncommon for the legendary pickup, with some opting for a Coyote V8 and others not caring about the purists and even swapping in a Cadillac engine. The owner of this 1969 model is not a purist.

Under the hood of this relatively benign looking truck is a supercharged LS1 motor that has been rebuilt with forged internals. Why upgrade connecting rods and pistons and so on? The only reason is to handle more power. Owner Jason Scudellari decided to strap a ProCharger to the motor with 16 psi surging through it, enough for a round 1,000 horsepower. With great power comes great responsibility, and keeping this thing on the road would be a tricky affair with standard components under the skin. Hence, Jason has fitted some QA1 Mod Series coilovers, Wilwood brakes, and some Schott wheels and wide tires. A six-speed Tremec T56 is used for shifting.
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Inside, the interior has been overhauled too, with aluminum pedals, a suede steering wheel, and a digital display for various readings. The dash has also been painted the same blue as the exterior on its lower half while the top half has a creamy tan leather wrapped around with some pretty neat double stitching. This is both a show car and a performance machine, and it appears to have been executed brilliantly. Is it sacrilege to modify a classic so heavily? Does the awesomeness of the burnout video above justify the means? We think it's a pretty cool way to keep an otherwise aging car on the road, and for that, it demands respect.

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Source Credits: Jason Scudellari

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