Watch A 12-Year-Old Hijack A School Bus And Go For A Joyride

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Someone's off to detention (or jail).

We'll say this for the kid: he's got guts. Not every 12-year-old suddenly decides one day to steal a school bus and go for a joyride in broad daylight. But this kid did in Bangor, Maine. We always figured crazy shit went down on in Maine. Anyway, local resident John W. St. Germain III and his girlfriend were driving when they noticed the kid behind the wheel of the bus. Clearly that didn't look right, so they began following the bus and called the police. St. Germain managed to jump out of his car and get inside the bus, where he took the wheel and brought it to a stop.

He held on to the kid until the police arrived. Despite hitting a few signs, there wasn't any major damage, thanks to St. Germain's quick actions. The Bangor police even said the kid "did not do that badly" for his first behind the wheel. By the way, Bangor police removed the second half of the videos's audio due to foul language.

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