Watch A 14-Year-Old Porsche Cayenne Destroy Hell's Gate

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It didn't even break a sweat.

Porsche's biggest SUV, the Cayenne, has been a big success in the US. Buyers love its balance of luxury and performance, but few will ever dare to take this expensive luxury SUV off-road. We know that the Cayenne is technically capable of going off the beaten path, but how often does one actually see one doing so? In this YouTube video posted by Harrison Schoen, we get to see one tackle the famous Hell's Gate. And it does so better than you might imagine.

Harrison Schoen/YouTube

The car featured in the video isn't a brand new Cayenne but a stock 2008 Cayenne S. Shoen's concept for the video series is to take this Porsche on every Jeep Badge Of Honor trial, and Hell's Gate in the Moab desert is one of the most fearsome of all. Although it might not look like a hardcore off-roader, the Cayenne has a 400-horsepower V8 under the hood, a center-locking differential, and low-range gearing from the factory. There are six-piston brakes in the front, and those 20-inch wheels feature 32-inch General ATX all-terrain tires, the only modification done to the car so far.

Harrison Schoen/YouTube

At the start of the video, the Porsche easily takes on the first stages of Hell's Gate. The SUV struggles for traction over certain axle-twisting segments, but the center-locking differential quickly comes into play, limiting wheelspin and getting the car going again. As the route becomes progressively more difficult, some of the Cayenne's shortcomings come to light. The approach and departure angles, for instance, are hindered by the front and rear bumper, and without proper locking differentials in the front or back, traction becomes more of an issue.

Harrison Schoen/YouTube

As the car gets to the river overlook, Schoen comments on how this will be the first time a Cayenne has ever attempted Hell's Gate. Before the attempt is made, Schoen lowers the tire pressure from 50 psi down to 20 psi. The 2008 Porsche Cayenne then starts to take on the intimidating off-road obstacle. The car grapples for traction but eventually makes it through without breaking a sweat. Who needs a Ford F-150 Raptor if you can conquer the great outdoors in a decade-old second-hand Porsche?

Harrison Schoen/YouTube

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