Watch A 3,000-HP Nissan GT-R Obliterate The Quarter-Mile Record

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Astonishingly, it achieved a quarter-mile time of 6.88 seconds at 222 mph.

Nissan GT-R drag racing videos pop up so frequently that we're practically immune to them now. Occasionally, however, some manage to stand out and attract our attention. A few months ago, Extreme Turbo Systems brought a monstrous modified GT-R to the drag strip that lives up to its Godzilla nickname thanks to its insane power output of nearly 3,000 horsepower. The demonic GT-R managed to set a staggering speed record reaching 255 mph in half a mile.

Last weekend, the ETS GTR returned to the strip where it broke yet another record, setting the fastest ever GT-R quarter-mile time on a drag strip in Oregon. Behind the wheel taming this wild beast was the very brave Lucas English, who thundered down the drag strip and set a quarter-mile time of 6.88 seconds at an astounding 222 mph, both of which are new world records.

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To put that in perspective, some cars struggle to reach 0-62 mph in that time. A video posted by That Racing Channel shows the record run. Three runs were attempted, starting with a "lower power pass" to check the traction levels. Even then, the GT-R achieved a 7.29 second quarter-mile time at 187 mph. For the second pass, the boost was cranked up higher than ever before resulting in a record 6.91 second time at 195 mph. With such brutal, neck-snapping acceleration, English unsurprisingly had a hard time controlling a GT-R with 3,000-hp. In one scary moment, the car loses traction at fourth gear and starts to fishtail wildly.

English fights for control, but luckily managed to keep it in check by deploying the car's parachute just in time to prevent it from kissing the barrier. Unfazed, English made a third attempt despite already breaking the quarter-mile record, this time with a "slightly less savage boost setting." This seems to have improved the traction as the car looks a lot more stable. For the final run, English broke the record for a second time, with a blistering 6.88 second quarter-mile time at 222 mph. We're waiting to see what rival tuner AMS Performance will produce in retaliation. It seems the battle to build the world's fastest road-legal GT-R is showing no signs of relenting, but this latest record sets the bar very high.

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