Watch A 3,000-HP Lamborghini Gallardo Smash The Half-Mile Record

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Underground Racing has just crushed its own record.

Underground Racing has a reputation for building some of the fastest Lamborghinis on the planet and using them to smash speed records on the drag strip. A few months ago, it became the first tuner to fit a pair of turbochargers to the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ, creating a hyper-rare, 2,000-horsepower monster.

However, Underground Racing is perhaps best known for its record-breaking twin-turbo Lamborghini Gallardo. Back in 2016, Gidi Chamdi set a half-mile record achieving 244 mph in his twin-turbo Gallardo modified by Underground Racing. In five years, this record has never been broken - until now.
Underground Racing/Facebook
Underground Racing/Facebook

After hearing that someone was about to try and beat his record, Gidi quickly got to work and upgraded the Gallardo. At the recent Shift Sector event in Texas, Gidi entered his heavily modified prequel to the Huracan with the aim of beating his own record set in 2016. He didn't just succeed - the man beat his own record multiple times.

On his first half-mile run, Gidi clocked 241 mph. He then reached 249 mph on his second run. This was fast enough to beat his own record, but he kept pushing, reaching 252 mph in another run before achieving the fastest run of the day at 253 mph, setting a new half-mile world record that is even further out of reach to UGR's competitors.


Despite a "long list of very high horsepower cars competing," Gidi set the fastest overall time for the weekend. What's also impressive is that it's street legal. Each run was done on regular Toyo R888R street tires and the modified supercar ran flawlessly with no issues.

Among the modifications include a custom billet block built by Proline Racing, an X Version twin-turbo system, and a JRR Standalone ECU. This setup generates an insane 3,000 hp. Underground Racing has also broken the 250-mph half-mile barrier with a modified Lamborghini Huracan and Audi R8. We suspect it will be a very long time before this latest record is broken, but if anyone can, we think AMS is in with a shot.

Underground Racing/Facebook
Underground Racing/Facebook

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