Watch A 40 Car Pile-Up As Vehicles Spin Out Of Control On A Highway


"The tow trucks are getting smashed. Everything is getting smashed."

This is definitely not how any of these people planned on spending the last weekend of 2017. Last Friday afternoon on US-31 in Muskegon, Michigan, a 40 car pile-up happened due to what police are claiming to be near zero visibility road conditions. Ever experienced a white out? It ain’t fun. Remarkably, no-one was killed or seriously injured. Only three people suffered minor injuries. Call it a late Christmas miracle. The trouble all began when one car spun out of control while traveling southbound.

Cars and trucks behind it soon began to plow into each other on what’s clearly an icy highway covered in close to nine inches of show. One of those drivers was local resident Jim Perreault.

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He was driving with his wife in their Chevrolet pickup truck when they too spun out of control and ended up in a ditch next to the highway. Fortunately they weren’t hurt but their truck wasn’t so lucky. It was hit three times. Even the tow trucks that were called to the scene ended up smashing into other cars. It was a complete mess. Police closed the highway down for three hours as rescue services attempted to clean up the carnage. Photos courtesy of Eagle Towing.