Watch A 5-Year-Old Change The Oil On A Lamborghini Gallardo

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What were your skills as a kindergartener? Playing with blocks?

Meet Marcus. He's 5-years-old and his parents should earn an award for the skills they're already teaching him. Not only is he a young gearhead, but he also knows how to change a car's oil. And this isn't just any old car, like the family minivan. No, he can change the oil of a Lamborghini Gallardo. Could you do that as a kid? Did you even have a Lamborghini in the family? Can you even change a car's oil now? Just ponder that for a moment before watching Marcus demonstrate his awesome skill in the video ahead.

Specifically, this is for the 2004-2008 Gallardo model years, but we're fairly certain Marcus wouldn't have much of a problem with current Lamborghinis. Also bear in mind that Lamborghinis aren't exactly the easiest of cars for oil changes, but Marcus manages just fine.

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He properly uses the special oil filter wrench that gives access to the filter itself. What's more, the oil needs to be drained from two different locations. Once we drained the old oil, Marcus adds fresh oil and even has the car run at 2,000 RPM just to make sure things are hunky dory. Marcus even gives us one final tip at the very end of his video demonstration. Marcus, you're going to do just fine in life.

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