Watch A 500 HP Honda Civic Nearly Explode On The Dyno

It looks even better in slow motion.

Doing home car modifications comes at a risk, depending on one’s skill set. Sometimes it’s just best to leave the engine work to the pros. Take this old Honda Civic hatchback, for example. It simply couldn’t take the extra power, despite the owner’s efforts. Placed on the dyno, the idea was to get a horsepower reading. And that did happen. It hit 531 hp on 11 pounds of boost, to be exact. And then it happened. The engine exploded. Well, no. It didn’t really blow up, but it did blow a coolant hose and cracked two sleeves.

Aside from that, what’s really cool is watching this quasi explosion for a second time, only in slow motion. Because you know that big moment is coming, you start to notice a few indicators that something’s wrong.

For example, there’s definitely some smoke coming from underneath the car, which the guy standing there didn’t see. Chances are this old Civic is dead, but man, it went out in one hell of a way.

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