Watch A 510-HP Range Rover Race Down A Crazy Ski Slope At 96 MPH


The slope is suicidal even to skiers, so why send a perfectly good Range Rover down it?

The most recent Bond film, Spectre, was no stranger to the intense types of action scenes that Hollywood loves to lace its new films with, but among our favorite is the downhill chase scene. In it, we witnessed Bond and a handful of SUV driving baddies careening down the Austrian mountains while barely holding their Range Rovers stable on the snowy surface. It took a crew of special effects professionals to pull these scenes off, but Land Rover wants us to know that its cars can actually undergo such feats.

To prove it, the talents of Ben Collins were summoned, the ex Stig being one of the more prominent stunt and racing drivers in the spotlight of popularity.

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Collins was handed the keys to a 510-horsepower Range Rover Sport and wished luck as the automaker sent him down a Swiss skiing slope known only as Inferno. According to legend, only the most insane and talented of skiers dare go down this slope, so that means that Collins must be on a completely different level of mad to make an attempt in a 5,300 pound SUV. It’s confusing as to why Collins needs all that power when some gradients on the 7,000 foot slope are over 75 percent. Also important: Land Rover doesn’t want a slow descent using the electronic toys, it’s asking for an edge of your seat run for best time. Fingers crossed that Collins lives to pull off more stunts like these.