Watch A 900-HP Audi RS7 Destroy The Drag Strip

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What a monster.

The Audi RS7 is an immensely capable machine. That 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 produces 591 horsepower and, combined with an incredible all-wheel-drive system and an eight-speed automatic, rockets the four-door coupe from 0-60 mph in just 3.6 seconds. As you may recall, this is the same powerplant in the lovey RS6 Avant, a car that seems to be favored by tuners a little more than the RS7 Sportback.

Nevertheless, the RS7 has been boosted by a few companies, although none that we've covered so far are quite like the RS7 in the video below. This particular monster generates a whopping 900 hp.

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There's no word on whether the RS7's 48-volt mild-hybrid system is retained or discarded, but either way, this beast has no problems when it comes to acceleration. Reports claim that the mega-horsepower RS7 has retained it standard turbos, which goes to show just how over-engineered the RS6 and RS7 have always been, but of course, some changes were necessary. A custom intake system, intercooler, and exhaust have been fitted, with the latter culminating in quad-exit carbon-tipped pipes replacing the original oval tailpieces. The finishing touches include a black vinyl design and tinted taillights, ensuring that this particular RS7 stands out in any crowd.

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Interestingly, when the RS7 takes on a previous-generation RS6 - which is likely modified too - the wagon is the one that gets the jump and launches brilliantly, although the initial gap is also partly as a result of a poor reaction time from the RS7 pilot. Nevertheless, on a long strip, there's not much that a 900-hp Audi can't overtake, and the RS7 eventually steams past the wagon, culminating in a higher exit speed too. Both cars cross the finish line at well over double usual motorway speed limit, but despite a poor start, the RS7 still manages to beat the RS6 with an exit speed of around 159 mph. What a monster.

YouTube/Automotive Mike YouTube/Automotive Mike YouTube/Automotive Mike

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