Watch A Baby Bear Carjack A Mercedes E-Class

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Honey-loving bear has great taste in cars.

The great outdoors can be beautiful but terrifying at the same time. Luckily humans have developed the ability to shield themselves from most of what mother nature can dish out, but apparently not baby bears carjacking an unlocked Mercedes-Benz E-Class. Legendary animal conservationist Steve Irwin has been quoted as saying that baby bears are nature's number one carjackers, closely followed by the common Vervet Monkey and African Baboon.

All we know is that whenever you go out on a wildlife cruise, it is imperative that you lock your doors unless you want to have a very strange conversation with your insurance provider.

In this video posted on TikTok we see a baby bear minding its own business on the side of a driveway entrance before making its way down to a parked Mercedes-Benz E-Class. As the bear nears the car, it starts walking on its hind legs in order to more closely resemble an actual human thief.

With a simple flick of the paw, the bear manages to open the unlocked front passenger door of the car. As the bear opens the door, the person filming can be heard screaming like a car alarm to scare the bear off.

The classic "bear go home" line can also be heard as the animal approaches. The bear finally disappears back into the vegetation as the humans continue to howl as if they were the ones being personally attacked.

Thankfully the bear does not make it inside the car, and all of this after a first attempt failed on a vehicle looking like a high-end SUV. The animal was clearly on the hunt for some premium machinery. The obvious conclusion is that baby bears are into luxury German sedans, and that people should lock their cars when parking in bear territory.


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