Watch A Box JUMP BACK Into A Truck After Falling Out On The Highway

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This video clip has our brains melting.

The humble dashcam has provided more entertainment than we ever thought possible. From catching meteor strikes in Russia to recording moments of road rage forever to be cemented in that part of our brains that retains absolutely useless information. Who can forget that BMW 7 Series T-boning a poor soul in a Ford F-150 pickup? Am I right?

Well if you think you've seen it all, the internet always provides more. The video we present to you today seems to defy the laws of gravity, has us completely spellbound and is blowing the minds of millions across the globe who want to know if the precious cargo in the back of that small delivery van ever reaches its destination.


The first thing we see is asmall cargo van barreling down an Asian highway. Unawares to the driver, the rear tailgate has come undone, and the cargo in the back is exposed for all to see. What it looks like from the dash cam's perspective is a big box filled with little boxes. What happens a few seconds into the video has left people as speechless as that time Elon Musk introduced the Tesla Cybertruck.

As the van heads around a sloping right-hand bend, one of the boxes drops out of the cargo hold. Your first reaction should be one of wicked glee, but that's when the laws of aerodynamics start to kick in.

As the box tumbles out the rear end of the can, it does a few twirls, and decides to head back inside! This looks like a CGI trick of some sort, but hold on, there's more. As the box makes its way back to the van through the workings of black magic, it continues to tumble out for a second time.

This time the box does an even more extravagant twist and twirl and ends up neatly stacked on top of a pile of other boxes. Luck was smiling warmly upon the face of that van driver.

the luxury interior in the 2021 Ford Raptor F150

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