Watch A Bugatti Chiron Make Throttle Blips Look Like Warp Drive


The poor little camera could hardly even keep up with the sound those turbos make.

There’s a characteristic sound that certain hypercars make when the turbo waste gates open to release excess pressure and let the engine wind down. It’s a hissing “CHUSSSSS” noise, and it has a way of entering our ears and finding a direct line to the pleasure centers in our brain. Don’t judge, we know you know what that feels like, more so if the chance to actually ride in one of these beasts comes your way. It’s the same sound that can be heard on a Pagani Huayra with the windows cracked open.

Given the footage we see here, that sound seems to be inherent in the Bugatti Chiron as well. It’s lucky that YouTube channel TheSUPERCARDRIVER was able to become a supercar rider during this Chiron’s relentless climb at La Vie en Bleu in Prescott Hill.

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There still isn't too much footage of the Chiron, and what exists is mainly made up of well-made reviews that passed Bugatti’s snuff test. No complaints about those, they’re all good stuff, but many times those fancy edits and high production values miss out on capturing the raw experience behind the wheel, which is exactly what this camera picks up. Or tries to pick up. Not only do we get to hear the massive 8.0-liter quad-turbo W16 engine spool itself into the stratosphere, we get to see just how mind-bending the rate of acceleration is, translating any throttle play into an instant blur on our screens as the camera tries to regain focus. We can't blame it, we'd have the same problem.

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