Watch A Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse Lay Donuts On A Rally Course

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Hope the driver had good insurance.

It's not every day you comes across a Bugatti, let alone a rare Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse. At the time of launch in 2013, it was the fastest roadster in the world with a top speed of 254 mph. While the new Chiron has mostly grabbed the spotlight since its debut a couple of years back, its predecessor is still out there. Lurking. Want a bit of proof? Here it is: remember the YouTube channel 'Tax the Rich'? It hasn't been updated in quite some time but it was the source of all sorts of awesome mayhem. We miss its videos dearly and hope more are coming.

A couple of past examples include a Ferrari Enzo and Jaguar XJ220 thinking they're also rally cars by kicking up lots of dirt off road. It made for some amazing hoonage. Well, TheTFJJ is another similar channel and they figured a Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse would be an appropriate choice.

They recently took the Bugatti to the Heveningham Concours for, well, more mayhem. Whoever is willing to take a multimillion dollar hypercar to a rally course has courage, though we're willing to bet their insurance company wouldn't approve. Think about it: the Veyron could be a pretty darn decent rally machine. It's got lots of power and all-wheel drive. What more do you need? What could possibly go wrong? Would you be willing to chance fate by driving a Veyron in this manner? Oh, and when the driver was done slamming through the course he went ahead and did some donuts.

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