Watch A Carvana Delivery Go Horribly Wrong

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This is the polar opposite of car nirvana.

Carvana is an appropriate name for a company flogging cars online. It's a creative way to blend the words "cars" and "nirvana," which any reasonable person is after.

Unfortunately, Chris Dankers did not experience Nirvana when Carvana delivered his Genesis Coupe. This delivery experience was closer to purgatory.

Most of you know that lovely feeling when you get a new car. That pleasant feeling as it rolls off the delivery truck, ready for you to embark on that first bonding experience. Dankers didn't get that after allegedly paying more than $30,000 for the scarce coupe.

Genesis will not be introducing a newer version of the car, but will instead satisfy consumer demand for crossover coupes by building one based on the GV80. We would have preferred a coupe based on the G70.


Instead of staying put, the Genesis Coupe was excited to start the journey. It started rolling back as soon as the delivery truck started tipping backward.

There are three big problems here. The car wasn't in gear, the parking brake was not engaged or malfunctioning, and the vehicle wasn't tied down. None of that matters because the inevitable happened. The car slammed down on its rocker panels, sending bits of Genesis flying all over the place.

Now, most people would simply ask the delivery men to put it back on the truck and take it back to Carvana. But Dankers still took delivery, but for a good reason. The Genesis Coupe wasn't appreciated when it was new, but demand seems to be high. This particular example also has 10,000 miles on the clock.

The incident happened on December 22 last year, and two days later, Dankers uploaded two more videos going over the problems with the vehicle. Not just issues stemming from the incident, but also some repairs that allegedly did not take place before the car was delivered. It's one of the hazards of buying new instead of used.

While the car may only have 10,000 miles on the clock, it looks like it had a fairly hard life. It's like the Mickey Rourke of vehicles. The air filter isn't bolted down, the battery is old, the supposedly new bumper shows signs of aging, and the coolant reservoir was completely drained.At the rear, the car is leaking via the taillights. The trunk and the taillights don't line up. On the inside, the shift boot is loose and pulls free from its mounting points whenever you use a gear.

Dankers hasn't posted an update since, which likely means the car has gone back to Carvana.

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