Watch A Chevy Silverado Get Attacked By A Tornado

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When in doubt, power out.

After seeing this video, we're not sure the GMC Cyclone has the right to be called that anymore. It just hasn't earned the name like this Silverado has. Either GMC hands the name over to Chevrolet, or the Bowtie Brand comes out with a new truck called the Tornado. Jests aside, a very real and very serious tornado touched down in Texas this week, and this Chevrolet Silverado driver got caught in the middle of it, literally.

Regrettably, we're unable to verify whether or not the driver was hurt during the incident. However, given the calmness with which the driver drove away from the storm, we're marking it down as "unbothered" and hoping everyone is in fact, unbothered.

Brian Emfinger/Twitter Frontal Aspect Chevrolet Side View Driving Chevrolet
Frontal Aspect
Side View Driving

Though, given the damage the vehicle sustained, the occupants are likely very much bothered. Big storms like this have been known to pick up anything from cars to whole houses (no, that's not just from The Wizard of Oz). The storm's high winds lift the vehicle up as if it were made of paper rather than sheet metal, tossing it about with debris from wherever else the storm had been that day. The Silverado is then tossed onto its side.

From there, the occupants of the vehicle get increasingly lucky. Despite the truck's now destroyed roof and what appears to be doors, the Silverado is spun around in its side and eventually ends up on its wheels again. It then simply drives off.
Brian Emfinger/Twitter Dashboard Chevrolet Rearward Vision Chevrolet
Rearward Vision

Though it's far more likely the car was too wounded to be driven much faster than that. You'd be gentle with it if your truck were sent through God's spin cycle too. More than anything, we hope the driver and any occupants are unharmed. Storms like this are not to be trifled with. A similar one wiped out a Chevrolet dealership in 2019, totaling several examples of the Chevrolet Corvette. This one wasn't even the only storm like it reported on Monday. We suppose if you must go out in a storm, at least make sure it's a Chevrolet Tornado, and not a Silverado.

Brian Emfinger/Twitter Rear Angle View Chevrolet Open Doors Chevrolet
Rear Angle View
Open Doors

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