Watch A Chevy Try And Rip A Subaru In Half

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Featuring drone footage of Scoobie's being static.

Hoonigan has done it again, creating a badass video sure to whet the appetite of Subaru fanboys. By that we mean turn them into rabid cannibalistic wolves demanding the lamb blood of Duramax owners. Anyway, this is a fairly unconventional truck versus car shootout featuring a modified WRX STI and a Chevrolet Silverado duking it out in a game of tug of war. The power and all-wheel drive of the Subaru is no match for the brutish torque and weight of the Chevy truck, but the smoke show provided, well that is pretty epic.

The video gives an inside look at the Hoonigan facility and has dozens of Subaru's not rallying (which is a crime). But on the bright side there are donuts!

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