Watch A Chrysler PT Cruiser Get Crushed By A Hummer Just Because

Many have wanted to do to this for a long time.

The Chrysler PT Cruiser, a car that clearly had its fair share of fans and those who outright despised it. On the one hand, it did have that retro look going. On the other hand, it had that retro look going; it was really a love it or hate it deal. But Chrysler still managed to sell around 1.35 million units over the course of a decade on the market. Impressive enough, but some still think it’s a complete piece of shit. Perhaps they’re right. One way to determine this is the following experiment: will it still start up after being crushed by a Hummer?

Oh yeah, we want to see this happen, and Doug DeMuro made it come true. He went on Craigslist and bought a cheap 2002 PT Cruiser, complete with that horrible fake wood panel exterior trim. Then he literally destroyed the thing inside and out.

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