Watch A Couple Of Brits Live The American Dream Racing Against A Challenger Hellcat

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Time to drag race!

Brexit. You've heard all about it. The big (and non-binding) vote most of the United Kingdom is now regretting. Regardless of what happens with that, the crew over at UK publication Autocar is doing what they can to keep busy despite the turmoil. So, hey, why not arrange a drag race between a Porsche 911 Turbo S, Nissan GT-R and, because it's awesome, Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat. Now, you'd think the Hellcat would dominate in a straight line, quarter-mile drag race, but remember one thing: it's a heavy sucker.

Compared to the 911 and GT-R, the Hellcat is a land yacht. Wait, it's a land yacht no matter where it goes. We still love it anyway. So does it give its German and Japanese competition a solid fight? Uh, well…let's just say we love it despite its obvious faults, kind of like the UK right about now.

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