Watch A Crazy Ford F-Series Driver Tow A Truck Hauling A Trailer Loaded With Cars

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And he did it with nothing more than a ratchet strap. What is this world coming to?

If you commute across America's expansive highway and interstate network, you're bound to come across something bizarre on your travels. Perhaps it's an erratic driver or someone sleeping while Autopilot does the driving. But one Reddit user recently witnessed a rather ridiculous towing situation.

No, your eyes aren't deceiving you. The video below shows an older Ford F-Series pulling another Ford truck with a ratchet strap. While that's perfectly normal, the issue here is that the second truck is towing a trailer full of vehicles - one of which is a pricey Porsche Panamera.

u/Playful_Night_6139/Reddit u/Playful_Night_6139/Reddit

It's not clear whether the white Ford pickup suffered some sort of mechanical failure, but it's inconceivable to think that someone thought this was the solution. Instead of waiting for another truck to collect the vehicles, the driver elected to have his heavy vehicle towed with nothing more than a ratchet strap.

This is extremely dangerous, as the strap could detach or snap and cause a serious accident - especially if the second truck's brakes and steering aren't functioning. What's more shocking is the speed at which this convoy is traveling. In the video, you can see the lead Ford is moving at a fair lick. The original poster estimates the procession was moving along at 75 mph.

u/Playful_Night_6139/Reddit u/Playful_Night_6139/Reddit

A sticker on the second truck suggests the vehicle belongs to a transport company. While we don't know the full story, we're guessing the respective owners of the Panamera, Nissan Sentra, and Hyundai Azera wouldn't be too pleased if they knew how their vehicles were being handled.

There's no word on how long this impromptu towing calamity went on for, but it clearly lasted for some time. The person responsible for the footage was able to overtake the towing party, pull over to film it, and then drive past it again. While we understand that unplanned mishaps can occur, there surely had to be a safer way of transporting these vehicles.

Hopefully, all the vehicles got to their destination in one piece, with no injuries or accidents along the way.

u/Playful_Night_6139/Reddit u/Playful_Night_6139/Reddit

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