Watch A Croatian Hypercar Demolish A Ferrari LaFerrari And Model S P90D

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It's not even close.

Porsche was able to grasp the necessity to have all four wheels fed power when it came time to make the first generation of hybrid hypercar. But Ferrari decided to stick to its roots with a rear-wheel-drive system for the LaFerrari. Ferrari's loss, though, especially now that it seems like the future will be made up of cars like the Rimac Concept One. With four electric motors pushing 1,088 horsepower and 2,800 lb-ft of instant torque to all four tires, all it takes is a sophisticated all-wheel torque vectoring system to show the Italian stallion who's boss.

Oh and that ludicrously quick Tesla Model S P90D? It's just a scapegoat to make the LaFerrari feel better about itself.

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